Megamix-Plus FSC & Megamix-Plus SSC

New Standardisation Tools to analyse Microparticles by flow cytometry.
Megamix-Plus FSC & Megamix-Plus SSC

Biological microparticles ("MP") are cellular vesicles of heterogeneous size ranging from 0.1 to 1 µm. Due to their small size, MP analysis requires working conditions close to the size sensitivity limit of the cytometers. Standardization of MP count requires to master this limit for an optimal compromise between MP analysis and background exclusion.
This limit has significantly progressed with the advent of the latest generations of instruments from 0.5 down to 0.3 µm-eq. Also, experience with Megamix have shown that FCM instruments may not all behave the same in terms of scatter response to sub-micron particles, some being optimized to use Forward Scatter (FS or FSC), e.g. Beckman- Coulter (BC) Gallios/Navios and others making best use of Side Scatter (SS or SSC) parameter, e.g. Becton-Dickinson (BD FACS-Canto, -Verse, -Aria and LSR).




Megamix-Plus FSC reagent (0.1 µm, 0.3 µm, 0.5 µm and 0.9 µm.) is most appropriate for use with FSC optimized cytometers.
Megamix-Plus SSC reagent (0.16 µm, 0.20 µm, 0.24 µm and 0.5 µm.) is most appropriate for use with SSC optimized cytometers