Customised Development

Development of immunomonitoring tools


Since 2005 BioCytex offers customised products and services for international pharmaceutical companies involved in pre clinical and clinical developments of drugs and biomarker research. Our team is at your disposal and will mobilise all its resources and knowledge for the successful achievement of your project, in respect with our quality system management and under confidential agreement if needed.


  • Consulting
  • Feasibility and validation studies
  • Pharmacodynamic & Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Manufacture of ready-to-use kits derived from customized assays
  • Sample analysis from healthy or pathological donors
  • Technical training at clinical site


  • Luminescence (Bioluminescent reporter assay for quantifying biological activity on pathway activation mediated by therapeutic antibody drugs in an antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) mechanism of action)
  • Biochemistry
  • Flow cytometry (antigen quantitation, receptor occupancy, MDR, ADCC, CDC, cell cycle, cell signalling, intracellular biomarkers, oxidative burst, etc…)
  • Cell biology (cell subsets purification, cell culture, etc…)
  • Genotyping
  • Binding of therapeutic human IgG on FcϒR humans by flow cytometry (validated cell lines : Human FcϒRI (CD64), Human FcϒRIIIa (CD16) V158 et Human FcϒRIIIa (CD16) F158) 


  • Human (PRP, PPP, PBMC, bone marrow, cell line, solid tumor)
  • Animal
  • Fresh, fixed, pre-processed

Investigation areas

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Allergy / Inflammatory diseases

Publications resulting from customized services

  • ASH 2008 (CD33, IGF1-R, Sanofi)
  • ISTH 2009 (ELISA VASP, Eli Lilly / Daiichi-Sankyo)
  • AHA 2010 (ELISA VASP, Sanofi)
  • Canceropôle 2010 (CD33, Sanofi)
  • GMP 2010 (CD20, Genmab)
  • ISTH 2011 (ELISA VASP, Eli Lilly / Daiichi-Sankyo)
  • ASH 2011 (CD20, Roche)
  • ASH 2011 (STAT5, Merck Serono)
  • ASH 2011 (CD20, Roche)
  • GMP 2012 (CD20, Roche)
  • CYTO 2013 (CD33, CD221/IGF1-R, Sanofi)
  • AACR 2014 (CD38, Sanofi)
  • Cytometry Part B 2015 (CD19, CD38, CD33, Sanofi)
  • ESCCA 2017 (CD38, Sanofi)

Flowchart for Customized Products & Clinical Services :