MAb anti-human GpVI

The only commercially available monoclonal antibodies anti-human GPVI
MAb anti-human GpVI






GPVI glycoprotein is a major collagen receptor that plays a crucial role in the collagen-induced activation and aggregation of platelets. As well as collagen, other ligands such as collagen-related peptide (CRP) and
snake venom protein (convulxin) can bind to the extracellular region of GPVI causing ectodomain GPVI shedding1. This process is tightly regulated by a metalloproteinase, most likely ADAM10, providing a mechanism for the modulation of platelet responsiveness. Most GPVI is maintained in a monomeric form on resting platelets and GPVI dimerization is an active process that primes platelet interaction with fibrillar collagen and is controlled by cAMP.


Anti-human GPVI purified, ref. 5131-P, 0.1 mg/mL, 1 mL
Anti-human GPVI PE conjugated, ref.5131-PE100T, 100 tests, 2 mL