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Stago Webinar now available on-demand!

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The Stago webinars have successfully gathered colleagues from all around the world. If you have missed the live events or are interested in reviewing it, the 30-minute recorded version is now available online 24/7.

From the website, you will be able to watch the following Stago webinars:

  • D-Dimer: Its use in the strategy for VTE exclusion and
    as a predicator for the risk of VTE recurrence
  • How to diagnose and manage Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)?
  • Laboratory Measurement of New Oral Anticoagulants
  • New Insights in Lupus Anticoagulant Testing
  • Quality Control in the Haemostasis laboratory
    How Quality Control contributes to result reliability?
  • Thrombin Generation: a universal laboratory tool emerging from research to clinical practice.
  • How I interpret an aPTT result?
  • The laboratory diagnosis of inherited and acquired Hemophilia
  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation:
    pathophysiology and diagnosis - contribution of the clinical lab
    and importance of Fibrin-related markers
  • Heparin Monitoring—Here to Stay!
  • Preanalytics in Haemostasis
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management in the Coagulation Laboratory: For the Benefit of the Patient
  • Microparticles: an emerging biomarker with multifaceted clinical indications
  • Thrombophilia Screening in 2017: Rare Occasion or Opportunity for Everybody?
  • PT/INR measurement for the management of VKA therapy
  • D-Dimer measurement in the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism - Lessons from the DiET study
  • Laboratory diagnosis of von Willebrand disease
  • DOAC laboratory testing for perioperative patient’s management
  • Factor XIII and red blood cells in venous thrombosis
  • Diagnosis of Platelet Function Disorders
  • Automated algorithms in the coag lab - Expert rules for lupus anticoagulant testing

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